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Ahi Kino - Naughty flame

Ahi Kino is a top down pixel /adventure/action/ puzzle type of game We were inspired by the dungeons in Zelda, Links Awakening.


In this game you play as Ahi, a girl in a fictitious world who has lost her spark. Everything is boring, and she's looking for that something that can ignite her spark again. Can you help her find it? Search through the ancient underground labyrinth and look for what she has lost. But beware.. There are more than just dusty books in the old library.

Puzzle your way through the levels

Solve riddles to proceed

Defeat Enemies in your way

Find your spark



W, A, S, D to move
Shift to sprint
I, L, K, J to shoot magic
R to interact

Install instructions

1. download:
You will recieve:  Ahi_kino.exe
                                     Ahi_Kino data folder

2. Double click Ahi_Kino. exe

3. Enjoy the game!


Ahi_Kino.exe 17 MB


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Could you double-check the downloads? Itch.io is only giving me the .exe and not the data folder

I would love to play this! Do you happen to have a demo of the game coming out soon? Right now itch.io says that it's "Not available on Windows," and there is no download avaliable for me. Any information/help would be great! Good luck on the development for the game.